Ultimate Limo

Additional Information

Entertaining friends and family or traveling has never been more enjoyable. The Ultimate Limo comes fully equipped with comfort, luxury, and style in mind. The beautifully handcrafted and custom interior will make you think you’re on a private jet. Perfect for remaining productive while on the road, entertaining business clients, celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a special night out!  From the beautiful and luxurious interior to the state-of-the-art electronics, high-end audio and first-class amenities, the Ultimate Limo is the classiest and most comfortable limo on the market. There’s plenty of seating for everyone and so much headroom passengers can easily stand up and walk around. 


When you step inside the Ultimate Limo and see the custom woodwork and beautifully handcrafted interior, you’ll understand why we’re known as the “Best in Class.” Enjoy 4 plush captain chairs, power footrests along with an ultra-comfortable “J” lounge seating area – a great place to hold casual conversations or share a few great stories while enjoying drinks from the elegant lighted bar or refreshments from the refrigerator.  

When working on the road, use one of the custom fold-away lap tables. Or, use an optional table in the lounge area and you can spread out documents, use your laptop, or play cards when traveling between offices or from city to city. Best yet, this Mercedes converted van has up to 50 cu. ft. of storage area for luggage, golf clubs, sports equipment or supplies.

When complete privacy is desired, there is a partition with a power window separating passengers from the driver’s area. This is great while conducting business meetings, having private conversations, making phone calls, working in peace and quiet, and for times when you don’t want to be disturbed. To speak with the driver, simply lower the power window or use the convenient wireless intercom system.